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How Nutrition Counseling Can Help You Manage Heart Disease

Much attention is given to preventing major illnesses such as heart disease with diet, and science continues to show the positive link between good nutrition and heart health. It’s also true that if you’ve already been diagnosed with heart disease, a healthy diet is essential to managing your condition and reducing your risk factors for worsening illness. 

Calvary Medical Clinic, with offices in Cleveland, Livingston, and Humble, Texas, provides a full range of primary care services for patients of all ages. Valued for our innovative yet practical, patient-first approach to the highest quality medical care available, our talented providers have the skills you need to manage all aspects of your health.

Nutritional counseling is one of the many services we offer at Calvary Medical Clinic designed to fit your unique circumstances and support your efforts in living an active and healthy life. Read more about the benefits of nutritional guidance for managing illnesses such as heart disease.

Understanding heart disease

Heart disease is a general term which describes numerous conditions that can affect your heart’s ability to function normally, including:

Healthy nutrition plays a vital role in preventing and treating many conditions that affect your heart’s health. 

Understanding nutrition and your heart

Every organ and tissue structure in your body, including your heart, relies on the oxygen, minerals, vitamins, hormones, etc. found in the blood your heart circulates to function normally. The nutrients and energy your body needs for optimal heart health comes from the foods and beverages you consume.

A nutritious diet also helps prevent/manage other chronic conditions that can contribute to worsening heart disease, including:

A balanced and nutritious diet can help control blood sugar, lower blood pressure, prevent fatty liver disease, reduce “bad” cholesterol levels, decrease excess weight, and may even eliminate the need for further treatment of these conditions.

The benefits of nutritional counseling

The nutritional counseling offered at Calvary Medical Clinic provides ongoing support that’s designed to encourage your efforts and help take the confusion out of creating a tasty, heart healthy diet.

Depending on your needs, your weekly counseling sessions may include help with:

Note that your Calvary Medical Clinic nutrition plan is created by a nutrition specialist and carefully designed in consultation with your health care provider. 

For outstanding, comprehensive medical care that includes professional nutritional counseling that’s tailored to fit your needs, schedule a visit at Calvary Medical Clinic today by calling the office most convenient for you or booking an appointment online.

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