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Family Medicine and Pediatrics located in Cleveland, Livingston, & Humble, TX

The multispecialty team at Calvary Medical Clinic provides comprehensive pediatric care for children of all ages, from newborns through young adults. They offer everything from well-child exams and routine vaccinations to developmental screenings at their locations in Humble, Cleveland, and Livingston, Texas. For complete pediatric care that you can count on, call or book an appointment online today.

Pediatrics Q & A

What does pediatric care involve?

The expert team at Calvary Medical Clinic provides a full range of pediatric services, from diagnosis and treatment of medical problems to preventive care. They cover all your pediatric needs, such as:

  • Hospital and office newborn care
  • Newborn circumcision
  • Well-child exams and vaccinations
  • General medical care
  • Minor emergencies
  • School and sports physicals
  • Developmental and autism screening

They also evaluate school-age children for diagnosis and treatment of attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).

When should I take my child to a pediatrician?

It’s important to take your child to Calvary Medical Clinic not only when they’re sick or hurt, but also for routine wellness exams. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends the following schedule for well-child visits:

  • 3-5 days old
  • 1 month old
  • 2 months old
  • 4 months old
  • 6 months old
  • 9 months old
  • 12 months old
  • 15 months old
  • 18 months old
  • 2 years (24 months) old
  • 2½ years (30 months) old
  • 3 years old and every year after that

Annual physical exams should continue through adulthood. The multidisciplinary team at Calvary Medical Clinic provides family medicine services for adults as well as children.

What are well-child exams?

Well-child exams are important for preventing medical problems and learning how to keep your family healthy. During these exams, your child receives age-appropriate immunizations to protect them from getting certain illnesses. 

You can also use these visits to ask any questions you may have about nutrition, sleep habits, or your child’s behavior. The team at Calvary Medical Clinic explains developmental milestones your child should be reaching at certain ages as well as social conduct and learning.  

What is a developmental screening?

Developmental screenings are an important part of well-child exams that focus on how your child is growing and maturing. This includes movement, thinking, language, and behavior. The team at Calvary Medical Clinic provides developmental screenings for all children at these ages:

  • 9 months
  • 18 months
  • 24 or 30 months

They may recommend additional screenings if your child has risk factors for developmental issues, such as low birth weight.

Call Calvary Medical Clinic or book an appointment online today for all your pediatric needs.